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Desktop and mobile mockup of website
Company Overview
StudyStream is a video platform & online community that allows students & young professionals to work with others from around the world 24/7 and in real time. It brings accountability & motivation to users from over 180 countries. I was one of two designers working on this project.
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Research
  • Animations
Why was a redesign needed?
  • The website was built using Wix, which is a website builder that is difficult to customize
  • Information was displayed in a way that poorly conveyed the use of the product, making many users not sure of the how the product worked
  • The visuals were inconsistent, making the design cluttered and difficult to navigate

The Redesign

Shown below is a side by side comparison of the old and redesigned version of the website. Some of the key changes include improved information architecture as well as a minimalistic design with consistent visuals.



Old version of homepage


New version of homepage


Old version of focus room page


New version of focus room page

In the redesign we added a new "How it Works" page to further increase users' understanding of how to use the platform, which was a big pain point in the previous design.

New page for new students


Old version of events page


New version of events page


Old version of community page


New version of community page


Old version of FAQ page


New version of contact us page

The Design Process

Content Audit

Previous State

I started off the project by mapping out the current information architecture of the website and worked with the team to change the layout of information in a way that is more intuitive and user-friendly. In purple are the pages of the website, and below them the sections of the corresponding pages outlined. This was done in order to ensure that once the user visits the site, they can find the information they need quickly and in an easy to understand manner.

Previous state content layout

New State

After the analysis of the current website state, it became apparent that the website would benefit from a restructuring. Outlined in purple are the sections that we moved, and in pink are the sections we added to further create an intuitive and easy to navigate website. For example, we noticed from our research that users were having difficulty understanding how the website works, so we added a separate page for new students with daily onboarding sessions, so that they can easily find out more information about how to use the platform.

New state content layout

Laying out the Content

After identifying the updated content structure for the website, I began wireframing how this content could be put into sections. The focus for this exercise was to showcase the content in a way that met both business goals (getting users to join focus rooms) and user goals (gaining an understanding of how the platform works). Once the layout was identified in a way that prioritized important content and created a user friendly experience, I dove in to high fidelity designs to focus on the visuals. The final designs can be found under the redesign section.

Homepage low-fidelity wireframeHow it works page low-fidelity wireframe
Focus room page low-fidelity wireframeCommunity page low-fidelity wireframe
Events page low-fidelity wireframeContact us page low-fidelity wireframe

Final Look

Here are the final designs for the webpages, after applying the visual identity.

Homepage high-fidelity designNew page for new students
New version of focus room pageNew version of community page
New version of events pageNew version of contact us page

User Feedback

Below is some of the user feedback gathered from our website redesign announcement on Instagram.

Comment screenshots from instagram
Homepage in a desktop mockup